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Through piercing I’d like to enable you to adorn and celebrate your body, your individuality, your style.

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I really want your piercing experience to be the best available in Southampton, which is why I invest so much of my own time researching jewellery, learning new techniques and refreshing my approach to everything I do as a professional piercer.

My own learning started with an apprenticeship, something I believe is the best way to learn within this industry. I take part in online forums which allow piercing professionals from all over the world to communicate and learn from one another.

Additionally I regularly attend BMXnet in Germany. An industry conference and a chance to meet and exchange knowledge with professionals from Europe and further afield. Whilst here I get to attend seminars on techniques, history along with other complimentary skills to piercer.

I am very proud to have been invited to take part in the newly formed UK Association of Professional Piercers (UKAPP) in the role of Vice President. A not for profit organisation set up to make piercing safer for everyone through learning and the sharing of knowledge.




Great jewellery is really important to me, gone are the days of big clumpy industrial looking nuts n’ bolts style body jewellery.

All of our jewellery is either Internally Threaded or Threadless. Standard pieces are made in Titanium and can be Anodised an array of colours to compliment or contrast.

Other materials also available are Niobium, Gold and Glass. Niobium is great in Ring style pieces and can also be anodised. 14 & 18kt Gold in White, Yellow or Rose are also available on request.

Jewellery is available from ANATOMETAL, NeoMetal & Industrial Strength. These are trusted jewellery suppliers with many years of expertise. Their jewellery comes with a lifelong guarantee. And only available from Prik’D Body Piercing at Studio13 within Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

Custom Jewellery orders are always welcome. Express your individuality by selecting the Gem colours and combinations to bring out your style.



Basic Piercing Fee £15 + Jewellery*  = from £25

Some basic piercings include – Tragus, Conch, Septum, Nose, Lip…

Advanced Piercing Fee £25 + Jewellery* = from £35

Advanced piercings include – Surface Anchors (Microdermals), Surface Piercing, Genital Piercings

*Jewellery prices vary from piece to piece. Standard internally threaded Barbell/Labret starting from £10

Whilst I’m not in the business of doing offers, each piercing fee covers the cost of up to 2 piercings in one sitting, you only pay for the extra jewellery required.


Prik’D Body Piercing


77, East Street, Southampton. SO14 3HQ

023 8033 1930


Thank you for visiting my page, hopefully you’ll feel inspired and come see me in the studio soon…